Tour de Withlacoochee…Continued

In July we rode two legs of the Withlacoochee Trail. We started the tour in Inverness and rode south to Floral City. On this leg of the trail we visited an art gallery, a railroad depot, and vowed to return to take a side trip to Fort Cooper since the weather forced us to hurry back to the trail head earlier than planned. IMG_0350

Then a week later we started in Nobleton and rode north to Floral City. On this leg we stopped at an old General Store and explored a county park where we took a walk down to the river. The tree lined shaded trail is one we plan to ride again.IMG_0451

Since we enjoyed our first two rides on the Withlacoochee Trail, we were anxious to ride the next section. On Saturday, we parked at the trail head near Nobleton and rode south a little more than eight miles to where I-75 crosses the trail. I’d have to describe the ride as disappointing. The trail cuts through the Withlacoochee forest yet lacked shade. With the exception of a couple of swampy areas that added interest to the ride, most of the trail passed through a portion of the forest that lacked much character.

A fawn, a couple of wild turkey, several gopher tortoises, and a thousand or so love bugs greeted us, and we located the Silver Lake Campground in the Withlacoochee Forest where we’ll camp on a future trip. It will be the perfect place to start the southern most portion of the trail, and we’ll use the boat ramp for a trip on the river as well.