Time for a Rematch

I know many are happy that football season has finally arrived. Family members have already enjoyed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat after only one week of play, but tonight will be interesting in our house.

That’s because tonight, for only the second time in football history, John and I will be cheering for different teams as the University of Miami travels to Florida Atlantic University for a “much anticipated” rematch. In 2013, the Canes and the Owls met for the first time and I offered some advice to the Canes…thought it should be reposted.


From August 29, 2013: I’ll have my eye on Friday night’s game. Usually you’ll find me cheering for the Miami Hurricanes, John’s alma mater, but tomorrow will be a different story since my alma mater, FAU, Florida Atlantic University, takes on the Hurricanes in their season opener…a first!

My closet is full of orange and green Hurricane attire, but tomorrow I’ll don my one and only red FAU shirt and cheer on the Owls, something I couldn’t do as a student since FAU’s 2001 inaugural season came over twenty years after my graduation.


Friday, for the first time we’ll be a house divided.

Recently, Emily (another Hurricane alum) sent an email entitled 40 Signs You’re a Miami Hurricane…a fun series of photos which bring Hurricane fans together.

Well, the Hurricanes aren’t the only ones with bragging rights in the state. In response I’ve put together a series of photos which bring Owl fans together.

Sure, Hurricanes flash the universal “U”, but Owl fans…including the President…show their “owl fingers”

FAU is the ONLY university in the state undefeated in Bowl Games with an all-time record of 2-0 and with the first bowl win coming in only the sixth season.

2008 Motor City Bowl

2007 New Orleans Bowl

And speaking of Bowl Games, the Owls were the ONLY Florida team to win a bowl game in 2007.

New Orleans Bowl: FAU 44 – Memphis 27
Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State 10 – UCF 3
Sun Bowl: Oregon 56 – USF 21
Music City Bowl: Kentucky 35 – FSU 28
Capital One Bowl: Michigan 41 – UF 35
And UM? Oh, they didn’t make it to a bowl game in 2007.
Like the Hurricanes, we hate this man too…so much so that we’ve never let him stand on the sidelines during a game.

And like the Hurricanes we love this man…he chose FAU over UM.

Finally, we have something the Hurricanes will never have…not at the Orange Bowl…not at Sun Life Stadium…FAU has a stadium on campus.

Friday will be a first. I’ll be cheering for the Hurricane’s opponent. May the best team win! (Ok, so FAU didn’t win the game in 2013. The final score FAU 6 – UM 34.)

Tonight’s a new season…may the best team win!

It’s Big Cheese Time

IMG_2938The first weekend of college football season…that brings to mind not only the image of cheering fans, pacing coaches, white smoke, and booming cannons; it also evokes memories of favorite college hangouts.

While The Big Cheese didn’t exist until five years after John’s graduation from the University of Miami, it’s become our go to restaurant following a big game.

After all, what’s better than a hot, cheesy pizza in the company of liked-minded fans all dressed in orange and green basking in the glory of a win or even commiserating with one another after a loss.

According to the dictionary, the definition of Big Cheese is someone knowledgeable and of importance and high standing in an area or field. The Big Cheese certainly lives up to its name…a restaurant of importance and high standing to pizza loving Hurricane fans.

What’s your college sports go to place?

Boys of Summer? Freezing our Tails Off

UM hatTwo weeks ago when we ordered tickets for this weekend’s University of Miami v University of Florida baseball games, we were sitting on the porch enjoying the day’s 80° temperature. Now as we prepare to drive to Gainesville for the game, we’re dressed in jeans and sweatshirts. Hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets cover the backseat of the car. The predicted game time temperature – 50°. Wind speed – 12mph. Low temperature – 37°. Of course, it doesn’t help that the game time changed from 1:00 to 7:30 to accommodate the broadcast schedule of Sun Sports.

What is it about games played by “the boys of summer” in March that brings out the coldest temperatures of the year in the Sunshine State? We should have known that despite the warm, summer-like weather on a February afternoon when we purchased tickets to the annual Canes series with the Gators that we’d dress more like we were heading to the slopes than a baseball stadium. Sweatshirts, blankets, hats and gloves are the required apparel for these early season games. We’ve even resorted to blankets during this series when the games were played in Miami so we should know what to expect…but baseball…sunshine…summer…the images just don’t match reality.

Typical March game day apparel when watching the boys of summer.
Typical March game day apparel when watching the boys of summer.

We survived last night’s opening game of the series and enjoyed cheering on the Canes as they snapped an eleven game losing streak against the Gators so I know we’ll survive tonight’s game as well, but how I would love to bake in the Florida sun during the game. Guess that’s too much to hope for! Go Canes!




Gators and Canes enjoying the game together.
Gators and Canes enjoying the game together.