Tuscawilla Art: Round 3

Unable to attend the the event introducing the newly installed sculptures at Tuscawilla Park last week, we wandering through the park on a cloudless day that provided a beautiful backdrop for the art in the park, starting with the piece “Recycled” which shone brightly in the sun.


Is this home plate standing on home plate? I’m not sure. And why the raised arms?


I love the contrast of the individual welded metal blades of grass swaying among the Spanish moss.


And the “Square Wave” provided an alternative to our usual selfies.


Each of the sculptures includes a plaque with its title, artist, a brief description and a QR code or phone number which provides additional information about each piece.


An insect? I’m not sure. It sure it different than the Big Bugs currently at Harry P. Leu Gardens.


“To Hear a Grove Sing” is a history lesson in the form of a sculpture telling the story of the citrus industry in Florida.


A wave wrapping around the lake. I love this piece.


I even found a piece of art that complimented my shirt.


The “Oak Leaf Seat” creates a dilemma since the leaf clearly invites you to take a seat, but the signs indicate that visitors are not to climb on the artwork.


I love seeing artwork in parks and other public places, but at Tuscawilla Park, the natural beauty of the trees and lake only enhance the pleasure of spending a day in the park.


This year’s Tuscawilla Sculpture Stroll Celebration will take place on March 12th, a day to add to your calendar, but if you don’t make it on the 12th, don’t miss it. What a wonderful way to take a walk and enjoy art in the park.

Outdoor Sculpture at Tuscawilla Park

A Sunday afternoon walk turned into a six mile trek culminating at Tuscawilla Park where we strolled along the water’s edge enjoying the dozen sculptures on exhibit as part of the Ocala Outdoor Sculpture Competition.

By scanning the QR codes located at the base of the sculptures, visitors can learn more about the art and their creators, and you can even download a scavenger hunt brochure that can be taken to the Appleton Museum of Art and exchanged for museum admission.

Florada, the first sculpture we encountered was located in the water near the bridge.


Sunset, a piece on the water’s edge, framed the fast moving clouds.

IMG_6635Then we encountered Ultimate Truth, a water inspired piece.

IMG_6640A Bramble Tunnel and a piece called Primal Unity were both created by two artists from North Carolina.

Of course a horse had to be featured…Uplifted.

IMG_6647Under the Sea and Deflection are two more abstract pieces.

Somehow we missed one called 3 Climbers, but we didn’t miss Shanti.


Art wasn’t the only attraction. We even saw a white pelican.

On Saturday, March 14th, the public’s invited to participate in the Tuscawilla Sculpture Stroll Celebration and vote for the People’s Choice Award. A full day of family friendly activities will take place including art activities, live entertainment and food. An event not to be missed.