Happy Halloween from Dunedin

A bike ride to downtown Dunedin turned into a Halloween celebration. As we approached Main Street we could hear music and the voices of excited children and we soon saw ghosts, skeletons, pirates and trick-or-treaters filling their bags with treats from all of the businesses.


No surprise that a city that caters to cyclists would include decorated bikes


as well as Cinderella’s carriage. People of all ages were in costume, but my favorite was the girl dressed as a rainbow. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her little brother dressed as a pot of gold.


Surprised by the event, we weren’t in costume, but a man let me borrow his parrot so I could get in touch with my inner pirate, and I posed with the skeleton at the photo booth painted on the side of a building housing a local realtor.


Fortune telling and the showing of Hocus Pocus in the park attracted crowds.


And the Dunedin Historical Society got in the spirit with displays representing Halloween through the years with everything from decorations


to black and white scary movies to those wonderful costumes like the ones I wore as a child bought in a box with a plastic mask.


Halloween sure has become a big event and “Funedin” knows how to do it right.



Trick or Treat?

With Halloween three weeks away, it’s time to decorate, chose a costume, and buy treats for the trick-or-treaters.

I always thought that the term trick or treat referred to tricks played on homeowners who don’t provide treats, but after seeing some of the “goodies” for sale I believe perhaps the tables have turned. It looks like the costume clad children may be the ones tricked this Halloween.

I remember thinking Bit-o-Honey and those snack boxes of raisins were the worst “treats” dropped in my plastic pumpkin. I also hated getting pennies. Again, not my idea of a treat.

Instead, I looked forward to M&Ms, blow pops, bubble gum, and most anything chocolate. Sweet tarts and candy corn are Halloween treats, not stickers or bookmarks.

However, Bit-o-Honey, raisins, pennies, stickers, and bookmarks are amazing compared to what’s being sold this year…packs of Halloween tissues! You’ve got to be kidding! Anyone who drops a pack of tissues in a trick-or-treaters bag deserves to be tricked.

Tissues as treats?
Tissues as treats?

The only thing I can think of that would be worse than getting tissues for Halloween would be getting a flu shot!

I hope the tissue thing doesn’t catch on!


So what do you think? What were the best and worst “treats” you received when trick or treating?

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 41

We’re approaching the most difficult time of the year for me. The months of October and November are “sweets” months and if there’s one thing that can easily sabotage my weight loss plans, it’s sweets.

I’ve been pleased with my efforts to curtail the consumption of candy over the course of the last nine months but now the real test begins. Walking down the aisles of Publix, Target, JoAnn’s, and Walgreens bags of candy beg to be added to my shopping cart, but so far so good.

I won’t disappoint the Trick or Treaters this year because I’ve given up candy. Instead, I purchased Air Heads and a bucket of Double Bubble bubble gum. Neither of these will tempt me. I can’t think of any candy I like less than Air Heads, and I can’t stand to be in the company of anyone chewing bubble gum so I think it’s safe to say I’ll avoid the pitfalls of eating the leftover Halloween candy this year.

I’m not a bubble gum fan!
No problem passing on Air Heads!
Won’t be buying the good stuff!

I’ll just need to make sure my Mom doesn’t drop off her extra treats after Halloween!