Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 42

One year ago this week, FedEx delivered my treadmill desk and while I didn’t start seriously trying to lose weight for another ten weeks, this desk inspired me to start exercising regularly. After walking and working for two months, I was ready to commit to losing weight in 2013.

Most days, Monday through Friday, I walk at least one hour and on many days over two hours while working. Initially, I only walked while talking to students on the phone since I found it difficult to grade work or answer email while walking. However, by January the only tasks I found impossible to complete while walking were writing with a paper and pencil and drinking water. I solved the water problem by simply using a straw, but I still can’t write…at least not if I want to read it later.

Thanks, John, for a wonderful early birthday gift that motivated me to get into better shape and in turn motivated you as well.

Treadmill desk - a great birthday gift!
Treadmill desk – a great birthday gift!

No weight loss this week, but at least I’ve held steady…still working on the last five pounds.

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 17

Finally, back on track. Not only did I lose the pound I gained last week, but I lost another 1/2 pound as well. Getting back to walking while working makes a big difference. It’s good to be home where I can use my treadmill desk on a daily basis…too bad I can’t take it with me when I work away from home.

You're reading it correctly...almost 4 miles of walking while working yesterday!
You’re reading it correctly…almost 4 miles of walking while working yesterday!

Reduce has been important word in my recent Go Green posts, but it’s also been an important in getting back on track with losing weight: reduce stress, reduce soda, reduce sweets, and reduce the number of trips to McDonald’s equals a reduction in the number of pounds registered on the scale when I weigh in.

I’m anxiously awaiting my next Lose It Badge: Goal Achieved; just over a pound away!

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 16

Looks like I’ve head a brick wall. No weight loss. In fact, I gained a pound. Looks like I need to clean the dust off my secret weapon. Being away from home so much for the past three weeks, my walking routine has been severely disrupted. On workdays, I usually spend a minimum of an hour working while walking on my treadmill and many days I walk for more than two hours. Spring break…no work…no walking. The first week back…a short week due to a trip to South Florida. Last week…working in Orlando instead of at home…no treadmill.IMG_0411

I’m back on pace this week. Treadmill dusted. Computer set up. Walked and worked for an hour on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll kick it up a notch for the rest of the week. It’s time to get active.