Step Back in Time: “The Year of the Yearling”

IMG_0515“The Year of the Yearling” celebrates the 75th anniversary of  the publication of Marjorie Kinnan Rawling’s story of a boy and his pet fawn set in rural Florida. What better way to recognize this event than to visit the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park?




The state park provides a great opportunity for visitors to step back in time as they tour the cracker style house and farm where Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings lived and wrote her Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Yearling as well eight other books and numerous short stories.

The home, located in Cross Creek, has been restored as it was when she lived there and our tour guide on a recent visit transported us back to 1930s and 40s as he told stories of how she worked, entertained, and protected her moonshine. Well worth the $3.00 charge.

From the Spring of 2013 to the Spring of 2014 events have been planned to celebrate “The Year of the Yearling”.  Read the book. Watch the movie. Visit the park. Step back in time!

Frog Legs, Gator, and Fried Green Tomatoes

YearlingSignConnie, Maureen, and I started our meal at The Yearling in Cross Creek with the Cracker Sampler Platter. I’m not usually an adventurous diner but felt I had to at least taste the foods that have earned The Yearling recognition as one of the best restaurants in Florida by Florida Trend Magazine.CrackerSampler

I can’t say I’d order frog legs, gator, or fried green tomatoes as my main meal, but I’m glad I tried them. They’re all better than they sound, and the frog legs were a pleasant surprise and the catfish sandwich…delicious.YearlingExterior

Time stands still at The Yearling. The rundown building made me wonder if our fifty minute drive was a mistake. I expected rustic, but this makes biker bars look good. Inside, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings memorabilia as well as other “old Florida” touches decorate the restaurant, and on the day of our visit, there was even a fire in fireplace of the dining room in which we ate…you really can’t judge a book by its cover!YearlingInterior


We topped off our meal with a slice of sour orange pie, a yummy treat similar to key lime pie but with a tangy orange sauce. Step back in time and check out The Yearling.SourOrangePie