American Graffiti Revisited

The first thing you notice in The Villages: golf carts. Golf carts fill the parking lots of grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, and line the streets.

IMG_5450Golf carts display the names of owners and show team pride.

With colorful paint jobs, dual ice chests, sliding doors to secure stereo equipment, and unique body styles golf cart watching provides entertainment for anyone visiting The Villages. I even saw one cart with a pair of golf clubs strapped to the back. Imagine that!

There’s something about watching the American Graffiti generation cruising the streets in their decked out golf carts that reminds me of teens of the ’50s and ’60s cruising the streets in their cars meeting up with friends and showing off their wheels. Fifty years later, they’re reliving the days of their youth still cruising the streets, still meeting up with friends, and still showing off their wheels.

For more about The Villages and their golf carts, listen to NPR’s story, The Villages: Florida’s Disney World of Retirees.

Senior Discount?

On January 26th, my college roommate, Barbara, posted the following status update on her Facebook page:

Friend my age and I were given senior citizen tickets at movie theater tonight without asking our ages. We were hoping the age for the discount was 55, but it wasn’t 🙁  Some savings aren’t worth it!


I chuckled when I read this and thought, who cares? You got a break on those overpriced movie tickets.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. John and I went to The Rialto Theater in The Villages on Wednesday to see Zero Dark Thirty and we were given the senior discount. I agree with Barbara. Some savings aren’t worth it!

One of Barbara’s friends commented on her status: Use the money you saved and buy some sexy underwear.

That may be good advice!