12 Down; 3 To Go

Last year at Christmas I received a card from John in which he gave me a trip to Paris. However, since I wanted to go in the spring, something that wasn’t possible due to our work schedules, we postponed the trip until 2016.

Then the more we started planning, the more we decided we wanted to go to The Netherlands instead of Paris. So in September we booked a bicycle trip through The Netherlands during the peak of tulip season. Since biking is an important part of life in The Netherlands, it seemed like the only way to go.


The confirmation for the trip came with a training schedule. That’s right, we have to train for our vacation. They recommend rides of various lengths to prepare for a week of 25 mile daily rides.

The schedule calls for serious preparation to begin two months out, but since I rarely ride more than twelve miles I wanted to make sure I can handle longer distances. We’ve taken rides ranging in length from 17 miles to more than 25 miles this fall so I know I’ll be able to make it.


But I know for sure what we’ll be doing the rest of the winter.