Top Twelve Tom Hanks Movies

Last week we saw Captain Phillips, a movie based on the hijacking of an American container ship by Somali pirates. An intense two hour journey with the captain and crew keeps movie goers immersed in the action and exhausted.


Tom Hanks stars as the title character in Captain Phillips, but that wasn’t his only appearance on the big screen that night. In the trailers, Hanks stars as Walt Disney in the upcoming movie based on the making of Mary Poppins, Saving Mr. Banks…one I’ll see in December.

Seeing him in two very different movies reminded me of the Hanks movies I’ve enjoyed over the years.

Top Ten Tom Hanks Movies:

Apollo 13


Road to Perdition

Toy Story

Sleepless in Seattle

Saving Private Ryan

Forest Gump


A League of Their Own

Charlie Wilson’s War

Catch Me If You Can

Turner and Hooch


I admit that I even enjoyed Joe Versus the Volcano and The Man With One Red Shoe. A movie with Tom Hanks…that’s one I want to see. Maybe I should plan to watch all of his movies in 2014. At one a week, I’ll be busy most of the year!

I know…somehow I’ve never seen The Green Mile. I need to make that a priority.