Home of the Testicle Festival

Looking for a steak dinner to make Nebraska proud, we ended up in South Bend, at the Round the Bend Steakhouse. Upon entering the parking lot, we realized we were a couple of days early since they’d be celebrating the 22nd Annual Testicle Festival in just two days.

IMG_9336We passed on what the menu calls, The Testicle Festival Now, and instead of ordering Beef Fries or Turkey Fries, started our meal with the Corn “Husker” Nuggets, sweet cream corn, battered and deep fried. How could we pass on corn in Nebraska?

Quote from The Testicle Festival Now portion of the menu:

“Dad used to tell me, don’t let your head beat your stomach out of something good to eat!”

While not fancy, the food at Round the Bend didn’t disappoint. Good quality steak served with salad and baked potato…not as good as what we had at Bern’s last week, but a meal representative of Nebraska, the state famous for steaks.

And what will the folks of Platt River Valley be doing this weekend? Attending a unique local festival.

The Testicle Festival is held annually on the Friday and Saturday nights of Father’s Day Weekend. If you look around at one of our festivals you’ll see people eating Beef Nuts, drinking ice cold beer, out dancing to live music & participating in the Adult Tricycle races. The party goes on in our 10,000 sq ft Reception Hall, The Ball Room, and we have an outside Beer Garden set up with spools so there’s plenty of room for everybody.