Wear Sunglasses

Spending the day fishing without wearing sunglasses – a mistake. I should know better, but I hate to wear sunglasses because they impede my ability to see clearly. When wearing sunglasses, not only can I not read, I just can’t see! I’m constantly lifting them in an effort to get a better view of the world around me. Sunglasses make me miserable.

So why do I say fishing without wearing sunglasses is a mistake? Well, my eyes burn, itch, and have that lovely bloodshot appearance. This is nothing new. It happens whenever I spend an extended time in the sun. I’ve even been warned by my eye doctor of the importance of always wearing sunglasses due to the pterygium or growth on my eye. Not only is this growth caused by excessive exposure to the sun, but it’s aggravated by ultraviolet light. That’s why my eyes always look red, bloodshot, and tired; and that’s why they feel tired all the time as well.

Even the EPA warns about long term exposure to UV radiation. Not only pterygium, but cataracts may result from UV exposure. There is some good news regarding sunglasses selection…while it is essential that the glasses block 99%-100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, that does not mean they must be expensive. Even prescription sunglasses can be purchased at reasonable prices at Costco or Sams. After all, it’s not the designer frames that project your eyes.


As you know, the cheap glasses are never the ones you lose, or sit on, or scratch. No, it’s the expensive ones that are misplaced or broken. While I can’t buy a dozen pair for a dollar each like I do for reading glasses, I can buy three or four pair for $20 each so I’ll have a pair in each car and at the house. That way I won’t have an excuse for not wearing them. No excuse for red eyes. No excuse for burning eyes. No excuse for irritated pterygium. I’m sure I’ll still lift them so I can see. I know I’ll be unhappy about my vision when wearing sunglasses, but I need to change by habits if I’m going to protect my vision.

Go buy a pair of sunglasses!