TBT Lesson: #60

With the news this week of the St. John’s River Management District permitting Sleepy Creek to make a daily withdrawal of 1.4 million gallons of water from the aquifer for a cattle ranching operation despite the warning from scientists that its impact will be detrimental to Silver Springs, the Silver River and the Ocklawaha River, this picture of John (the cute boy with his hand on the center rail) and his mother riding the glass bottom boat at Silver Springs in the early 1960s seems appropriate.

He and I both remember cruising upriver in the glass bottom boats amazed by the crystal clear water, gushing springs and abundant fish. Despite the 30% reduction in water flow and many fewer fish in the spring and river, Silver Springs is still a natural treasure, but you can only wonder how much longer that will continue.



TBT Lesson #60: Visit Silver Springs and take a ride in the glass bottom boat before it’s too late (and if they still take these group photos…buy one.)