Sing On!

This morning when I started working and signed on to my computer, I received a message that’s been making me crazy for over two years. I decided it’s time to repost a message I published my first month of blogging. I just need to vent!

From December 9, 2012

We’re in the midst of a singing on epidemic! I’m all for singing, and what better time of the year to sing than Christmas. Christmas carols, holiday songs, popular songs…sing! However, the sing on message has nothing to do with music or song.

Yesterday, a headline in the local paper read: Sings of Life at Rainbow Springs Visitor Center, an article about the rebuilding of the visitor center after a fire. The headline made three such references to sing instead of sign in a single day. Earlier, while reading information about adding the Evernote clipper function to my computer, the directions instructed readers to first sing on to the Evernote application, and the final example of the incorrect use of sing is the most embarrassing. Every day when working in my classes with Florida Virtual, the following message appears: Your session has timed out due to inactivy. Please sing in again.


What makes this one the worst is the fact that not only teachers, but our students receive this message when their session “times out”. And did you notice the word inactivity is also misspelled? It’s been that way since August (2012!). Wouldn’t you think someone at a virtual school would notice and change these glaring errors? What a bad impression it leaves! I hope my students don’t think I send that message.

So by all means, sing on! But if you’re writing, please check your spelling. Spell check can’t catch the use of the wrong word. Do you mean sing or sign? Sign on!