Sunrise and the Gateway Arch

No, I didn’t go to St. Louis, but Meghan spent four days there for a conference last week and contends that St. Louis should be considered as a possible site of the most beautiful sunrise.


Sunrise from the Hyatt Regency 9th floor
Sunrise from the Hyatt Regency 9th floor

Meghan was surprised the first morning when she awoke and noticed a spectacular sunrise peaking through the arch from her ninth floor window of the Hyatt Regency. In fact, she set her alarm a little earlier the next morning so she could get outside to take some sunrise pictures.


Since I wrote about the sensational sunrises I’ve witnessed and photographed this year only a couple of days before her trip, she submitted her own pictures of the sunrise in St. Louis featuring the Gateway Arch.


She’s convinced me! Sunrise in St. Louis was much more spectacular that anything I observed in Florida. I’ll add it to the list of best places to watch the sunrise.StL4