Buckle Up

Last night I heard on the news that mathematician John Nash (upon whose life the movie A Beautiful Mind was based) and his wife were killed in a car accident on their return from the airport in New Jersey. This report was very similar to one from February when CBS reporter Bob Simon was killed in a traffic accident in Manhattan. Three well known individuals dead riding in cars only miles from home. All three passengers in cabs or for-hire vehicles. None of these well-known victims were wearing seat belts.

Apparently that is not that unusual. While only about 10% of adults fail to buckle up in their own vehicles, nearly 65% ride in taxis unbuckled. Maybe it’s just a matter of being out of the usual routine. Maybe it’s because these vehicles are used for shorter commutes. Or maybe it’s about being in the back seat that give passengers a sense of security, but whatever the reason for justifying a ride without a seat belt, it’s a bad decision.

Using seat belts is not about following the law. It’s not about avoiding being ticketed. Seat belts are all about personal safety.

If you’re driving a car, buckle your seat belt.

If you’re a passenger in a car driven by a friend or family member, buckle your seat belt.

If you’re a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle, buckle your seat belt.

Even if you’re the passenger in a taxi, limousine or other vehicle for hire, buckle your seat belt.

It only makes sense to do something so simple that can have such a positive impact on making a ride in a car a safe one.

Buckle up…even in a cab.