Bowl Game = Heart Break

IMG_1933Twice in the past four years, the University of Miami has played in a Bowl game in Orlando and twice we’ve bought tickets and attended the game. Both times the same result. Early joy followed by a long offensive drought.

In the 2009 game against Wisconsin, Miami put 7 points on the score board in the opening minute only to watch Wisconsin score the next 20 points before the Hurricanes finally scored another touchdown in the final minute of the game.

Last Saturday’s Russell Athletic Bowl started with Miami scoring 2 points after causing a fumble by Louisville’s quarterback in the end zone, but again watched their opponent score 36 unanswered points before the Hurricanes found the end zone.

Our presence at a football game seems to guarantee a loss for our team. The Hurricanes have only managed to pull off one win in the last five games we’ve attended, and even UCF struggles if we’re in the stadium cheering for the Knights, losing half of the games we’ve watched from the stands.

We enjoyed going to the game with Emily and Brian. The weather was perfect…72° at kickoff on a late December evening. The parachute team that brought in the team flags and game ball started the night with some excitement. Fireworks added fun to the halftime show. And, of course the safety in the 4th minute of the game was something to cheer about as was the next 6 minutes of the game when the Hurricanes were on top.

The night could have been much worse. We could have had tickets one section over where security and law enforcement removed unruly fans fighting in the stands. We could have been seated two rows lower so that when the man sitting in front of us “lost his cookies” we were dodging the fallout. We could have had a wallet stolen like the man in the row behind us. Overall, we were lucky!

I’m proud to say we stayed until the end of the game, unlike so many other “fans”. We’re all committed to staying to the end…no fair weather fans here, but next time I’m tempted to go to a football game in person please remind me that I enjoy football from the comfort of home for the following reasons:

  1. No weather worries…not too hot, not too cold, and no need to worry about rain.
  2. Availability of good food throughout the game…wings, pizza, burgers, snacks, drinks, sweets. Eating like that at the stadium would require a loan.
  3. Hot tub seating…better to watch the game sitting in a hot tub than on hard aluminum seats.
  4. Rewind, fast forward, or skip portions depending on the how the team’s playing.

Good news for other Hurricane and Knight fans. I won’t be in the stands jinxing your team!