TBT Lesson #73

In August 1998, yes AUGUST, the hottest month of the year in Florida, Disney and McDonalds sponsored a 5k race at Epcot called Run Around the World. Both Emily and Meghan ran the 5k winding through Epcot past the countries of Mexico, China, Japan, France and Canada. Since spectators were not allowed in the park, we waited at the finish line for the girls and their assessment of the course.

Meghan, a high school freshman, had been running daily as part of the Forest High School cross country team and was ready for a race, and Emily, a sixth grader, was willing to run with her sister because it sounded like fun.

After the run Meghan talked about how she enjoyed running through the park and listening to the music of each country she passed. Emily’s experience was quite different. She felt sick throughout the 5k and was very overheated at the finish. In fact, upon hearing her sister talk about the race, she asked, “There was music? There were countries?”


TBT Lesson #73: It’s always good to have a friend, or better yet, a sister to accompany you around the world.

And while Emily’s first run at Epcot wasn’t all that enjoyable, she’s run the Disney Princess Half Marathon twice so the Run Around the World didn’t end her running days.