I Can Probably Fill One Hour Each Day

In an interview with David Letterman about his retirement from The Late Show, he was asked what he’d be doing in the future. His response, “I think I can fill one hour each day.” This in response to what most people believe about his schedule. Since he’s only on air for an hour, obviously, that’s all he works each day.

Apparently people believe I have a lot in common with Letterman. Many expressed surprise not that I’m retiring, but that I was still working. It’s funny how different the response to my retirement has been to that of my husband. He’s had lots of people suggest that he work as a consultant or take a position at a private school or one with a non-profit organization.

Those who learn of my retirement suggest places to visit, new things to experience or hobbies to pursue. No one has mentioned anything remotely related to work. I can’t help but ask myself what that means. Am I just seen as one who wants to play? Or is my husband just seen as one addicted to work?

In any case, neither of us plan to do any “real” work. We will be volunteering on a regular basis and will work as “interns” with Emily’s event planning business.

Instead of work, we’ll be traveling. First to Omaha for the College World Series and then later this summer to British Columbia so I can use my passport. We’ll continue to travel throughout Florida since we have more springs to swim in, more lighthouses to climb and more beaches to visit. And the list of other places to go seems to grow everyday. We also have plans to walk, bike, kayak, sail, fish, read and watch more sunrises and sunsets from our porch.

We’re living at the lake where life is suppose to be slower, but we haven’t noticed that change yet. I don’t anticipate having any problem filling an extra hour a day.