6 Down; 9 To Go

I must admit my enthusiasm for celebrating retirement with dinner at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa did not match that of John’s. For well over a year, this has been a topic of conversation and while I’m always interested in a good meal, the menu for Bern’s terrified me.


Appetizers listed ranging in price from $12.95 – $190.00, with most in the $20 range seem extravagant and this followed by soups and salads and vegetables at about $10 each, even sliced tomatoes are listed at $8.95. All I could think about was whether or not we’d be able to qualify for a loan for our dinner.

Finally I got up the nerve to look at the steak portion of the menu. After all, that’s why we’d be going to a Steakhouse…$34-$118…I wasn’t sure I could eat something that expensive, and I certainly wasn’t going to even bother looking at the dozens of pages on the wine menu.


I didn’t voice my concerns. This was something John really wanted to do and I wasn’t going to spoil it so it was added to the list for 15 in 15…and I’m so glad it was!

This week we were joined by our good friends, Kay and Karen, fellow 2015 retirees, for an evening at Bern’s Steakhouse. No, we didn’t order appetizers. I don’t know who could eat them when the steak is served with soup and bread, salad, a baked potato, two vegetables, and onion rings. That’s more than enough food for me and best of all it was all included in the price listed for the steak. So that $40 steak was really the price of the full dinner and complete dining experience, and it was an experience.

For two hours our waiter attended to our every desire as he brought out each course of the meal. And did I mention that the steak was the best I’ve ever eaten?

Following dinner, we took the kitchen tour and visited the wine cellar on the way to the dessert room. Somehow, after all the food eaten at dinner, we managed to eat dessert tucked away in a private booth. I guess they figure guests will eat more if they aren’t worried about being judged by other diners.

I’m glad Bern’s Steakhouse made our list of 15 in 15. Sure it was pricey, but it was also well worth it. We enjoyed delicious food as well as a wonderful dining experience.


Maybe we’ll have to make a return trip for our anniversary in August?