Go Fishing!

It’s easy to pass on a fishing trip. There are plenty of reasons:

  • I don’t eat fish.
  • I don’t like to get up early.
  • I don’t wait to handle worms or shiners or shrimp or other live bait.
  • I don’t ever catch anything.
  • I don’t have a rod or other equipment.
  • I don’t have a fishing license.
  • I don’t know how to cast.

I’m sure you can think of other reasons to add to the list, but fishing has very little to do with most of these excuses and each of the excuses can easily be remedied.

Fishing is about enjoying nature…the sky, the clouds, the birds, the water, an early morning sunrise, an afternoon sunset, maybe even a full moon. Fishing is about the quiet. Fishing is about camaraderie. Fishing can be about fish, but it doesn’t have to be about fish. Fishing should really be spelled R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.

Of course, actually catching fish is quite a bonus, providing fodder for tall tales. Who knows, you may even get your picture on a Fishing Wall of Fame or in a future edition of Grandpa’s Fishing Book.

Need to relax? Go fishing.