Be Still

Last Wednesday morning John and I set the alarm a few minutes early so we could sit out on the dock and watch the lunar eclipse and the blood moon. For almost an hour we sat in the dark watching the moon, stars, and eventually the first light of dawn and listening to the sounds of frogs, birds, and the wind and water.

John’s picture of the blood moon.

We sat in silence, free from distraction. We were able to relax, unwind, and hear the voice of peace.

I was reminded of a verse from the Bible:


We live incredibly busy lives. We’re talking on the phone, or texting, to sending email, or doing all three at once. We run from one appointment to the next at a frenetic pace. Our time is spent in front of one screen or another or behind the wheel of the car.

Rushing around is often counterproductive. Sure we get a lot done, but nothing important.

We find ways to stay busy even while waiting in line at the grocery, sitting in the waiting room at the doctor, or while visiting with friends. We fiddle with our gadgets, flip through our papers, read, or do something else to stay productive.

While watching the eclipse, I thought about the early mornings fishermen spend on the water. Maybe it’s not so much about fishing. Instead it’s about quiet and relaxation. It’s about slowing down and doing less. It’s about being still. Catching fish is a bonus.

IMG_6117In the days since the blood moon, I’ve set aside a few minutes each day to sit in silence. Time to take a deep breath. Time without any technology. It’s not easy. I want to plan or solve problems or make lists, but I need to be quiet.

Set your alarm five minutes early or take five minutes before bed. Sit on the porch. Listen. Unwind, Take a deep breath. Be still.