Blue Highway Bicycle

The term blue highway refers to the back roads on a road map, the kinds of roads made for bicycling. However, instead of riding on those blue highways, we took a leisurely bike ride through the neighborhood to downtown and then to Tuscawilla Park before riding to Blue Highway, a pizzeria, for dinner.

IMG_7889On a rare cool September evening, we sat outside on the porch and ordered the Micanopy Tossed Salad and the week’s pizza special…five cheeses, chicken, bacon…delicious!

This wasn’t a first trip to Blue Highway, but it was by far the best. Good food paired with a bike ride makes for a relaxing way to spend an evening after work. With the cooler fall weather around the corner, we may be frequent visitors to the porch at Blue Highway.

It’s Big Cheese Time

IMG_2938The first weekend of college football season…that brings to mind not only the image of cheering fans, pacing coaches, white smoke, and booming cannons; it also evokes memories of favorite college hangouts.

While The Big Cheese didn’t exist until five years after John’s graduation from the University of Miami, it’s become our go to restaurant following a big game.

After all, what’s better than a hot, cheesy pizza in the company of liked-minded fans all dressed in orange and green basking in the glory of a win or even commiserating with one another after a loss.

According to the dictionary, the definition of Big Cheese is someone knowledgeable and of importance and high standing in an area or field. The Big Cheese certainly lives up to its name…a restaurant of importance and high standing to pizza loving Hurricane fans.

What’s your college sports go to place?