Retirement Job?

When people find out that John and I are retiring at the end of the school year, the most common question we hear, “What are you going to do?”

Most people mean, how are we going to spend our time, but a few want to know what new employment opportunity will be occupying our time. John’s even had people make suggestions regarding jobs that he should consider.

I’m confused. When I looked up the word retired on, here’s what I found:

retired [ri-tahyuh rd]


withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one’s business or profession

It seems pretty clear…no longer occupied with one’s profession.

Volunteer. Fish. Bike. Read. Camp. Write. Travel. Sail. Hike. Practice photography, woodworking, cooking. Learn new things. Find new hobbies. Maybe plant a garden. Go to sporting events. Play games. Visit family. Spend time with friends. That sounds like an answer to that what are you going to do when you retire question.

BUT…if a new career is in the making…then I’m sure it must be vacation photographer because everywhere we go, strangers approach John and ask him to take their picture. Couples. Families. Groups of friends. In NYC, Miami, DC. In state parks, national parks or theme parks. At the beach or sporting events. He’s recognized as the go-to guy for photos. Wonder if he could ask for tips?

IMG_7432And the second most asked question, how many more days? John…37 and for me…41.

Christmas Crafting

It may seem crazy to undertake crafting projects on December 23rd, but that’s exactly what Meghan, Sarah, and I did when they arrived last night.

Sarah sent me a text message last week with the following picture


and the message, we need to do this.

No arm twisting required. I bought dowels and foam sheets, printed patterns, and gathered the glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, and other craft supplies.

Let the crafting begin.

Trying to get anyone in our family to sit down for a picture is torture, but bring out hats and a mustache and we have willing participants.

Props are made. Time for some photos!