Vote! Save Our Drive-In!

driveinOcala’s the home of one of only 368 drive-in theaters remaining in the U.S. However, due to a change to digital equipment at the end of the year, Ocala’s drive-in and all drive-ins are in danger of closing.

With the exception of an eight year period from 2003-2011, the movies at the drive-in have been a regular feature of the Ocala landscape since 1948. The Ocala Drive-In offers a double feature for only $5, and these are first run movies. This week families should be delighted that Monsters University and Planes are back for a repeat showing and last week The Butler and Elysium entertained adult audiences. Two movies for $5? What a bargain!

Project Drive-In, sponsored by Honda, provides an opportunity for you to save a beloved drive-in. You can vote once everyday for the next week to save our drive-in. Grants of $80,000, the estimated expense of updating to digital projection, will be provided to the five theaters receiving the most votes so vote today and vote often.ocaladrivein

While you can only vote once a day, that’s one vote per device so I’ve been able to vote on my computer, tablet, phone, and I also text 444999 with the message Vote 20. That means my “one vote” is actually four. In this case, voting often is allowed! Help save our drive-in and vote!