Make Mine a Rag Arm

What good news! All of the Hurricanes’ home baseball games will be televised this season on ESPN3.

That meant we were able to watch the opening game of the season on Friday night as the Hurricanes took on Rutger’s Scarlet Knights. And in attempt to emulate the Mark Light Field experience, we made milk shakes.

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk and mix.


A black and white for John.


Add strawberries, and it’s a rag arm for me.


Not quite the same as at the ballpark, but with a win and a milkshake, it’s a good way to prepare for the real thing next weekend in Miami when the Hurricanes host the Gators.


Shake It Off

I didn’t long to be at Mark Light Field last night to watch the Hurricanes play the Yellow Jackets. No, I wanted to be in Coral Gables so I could get a milkshake.

Watching the game on TV satisfied my case of baseball fever, but when I got a glimpse of the milkshake race, all I could think about was sitting in the stands drinking a Ragarm (vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and sliced strawberries) at the game.

Miami baseball and milkshakes go hand in hand.


In Milwaukee, it’s sausages that take the field for a nightly mascot race.

At the National’s games, in the city known for Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft are the entries in the President’s Mascot race.

And now the University of Miami has entered the mascot race tradition with their famous milkshakes. The competitors:

  • The Wizard, named for legendary UM coach Ron Fraser
  • JayRo, honors Jay Rokeach, the UM baseball announcer who has been ordering the same shake for thirty years
  • Omaha Express, named for the ultimate goal of every season’s team…a trip to the College World Series in Omaha Nebraska

If baseball isn’t enough to bring you to a college baseball game, stop by for a milkshake, and maybe you can catch the milkshake mascot race.

4 Down; 9 To Go


Adventure 4 in our 13 in 13 proved to be a success. We attended all three of the weekend games in the series between Florida State and the University of Miami baseball teams. Also on the to do list for the weekend: indulge in the famous shakes at Mark Light field. If the team doesn’t win…no problem…so long as I can enjoy a Ragarm, their famous milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and strawberries.

Friday night got off to a late start waiting for the rain to clear out of the area, but by 9:00 we were cheering the Canes with a milkshake in hand. Saturday evening brought an earlier start and an earlier milkshake since the weather was clear; and since the home team proved victorious with a 6-0 win, it was a near perfect night.

It’s quite a drive for a milkshake, but good baseball topped off with the world’s best shakes make it worth it!

Did you notice that 4 Down; 9 To Go is published on 4/9?