Undercover Food Critic

yelpI’ve officially joined the ranks of mystery diner providing reviews of meals eaten at any and every restaurant. After relying on Yelp and the advice of other diners, I decided it’s time to return the favor.

Before eating at a restaurant, checking it’s rating and the comments of others has become automatic, especially when away from home.

Yelp reviews led us to Timoti’s Seafood Shak and Tasty’s Fresh Burgers and Fries in Fernandina Beach as well as the McLeod House Bistro in Inverness. And I wish we’d heeded warnings about The Lost Parrot in Mt. Dora, but it looked like a good place to eat…the reviewers know best.

My first two reviews have been posted. I’ve become an undercover food critic. Thanks to all who post to Yelp and help me make decisions. I hope my reviews assist others.

Maybe I've found a use for all those food pictures!
Maybe I’ve found a use for all those food pictures!

A Bistro in Inverness

IMG_1803Inverness and the term bistro aren’t compatible in my mind, but according to TheFreeDictionary.com, a bistro is simply a small, informal restaurant serving wine, so the McLeod House Bistro in Inverness fits the bill.

After a two month bicycling hiatus due to the wedding, lots of rain, and a trip to New York, we rode another portion of the Withlacoochee Trail to start off our two week Christmas vacation. And, I must admit, the location of the McLeod House Bistro influenced our decision as to where we would ride.

On our first ride on the Withlacoochee Trail in June, we found the McLeod House Bistro closed for the summer and promised we’d make a return trip when the restaurant reopened in the fall. Fall turned to winter, but we kept our promise.

A ten mile bike ride followed by lunch sitting on the porch enjoying a perfect Florida winter day at the McLeod House Bistro…a worthwhile wait.IMG_1801

We won’t wait six months for the our next visit. There’s a dessert menu we need to try!

Don’t make a mistake and drive to Inverness on a Sunday or Monday and miss an opportunity to eat at a first class restaurant in Citrus County. The McLeod House Bistro is only open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-9:00.