Another Baseball Stadium

In February on our way to Gainesville for the Hurricane vs Gators baseball game, a friend asked John how many major league ballparks we’ve visited. John quickly responded that the only park he’d been to was in Denver where we’d watched the Marlins play the Rockies.

Gary asked, you’ve never been to a game in Atlanta? John said, oh yeah, we have gone to a Braves game too.


I listened to this exchange not believing what I was hearing. Finally, I asked, didn’t we go to a Yankee game in the old Yankee stadium? And what about the Mets game we watched at Citi Field? And I remember going to a game in Fenway Park where we watched in Red Sox play the Rangers.

John said, I guess we’ve been to five major league ballparks.


Well, after seeing the Marlin’s Stadium for years, we went to a Marlin’s game last week and added a sixth stadium to the list. We took advantage of a Marlins’ promotion giving free tickets to seniors, and since we’re both slightly older than 55, we qualified.

The stadium which is not particularly attractive from the outside is a comfortable and fun place to watch baseball. We appreciated the air-conditioned facility, but it’s great to watch a game played on grass instead of an artificial surface which is possible since the stadium has a retractable roof providing plenty of sun for the turf.


In addition to dozens of food and drink concessions, The Clevelander, of South Beach fame provides a club with pool and patio with direct views into the visitor’s bullpen as a unique way to enjoy baseball in Miami.

The Marlins hit two homers in the second inning on the night we watched them defeat the Phillies so we saw the rather Marlin jumping over the tacky sculpture with palm trees, flamingos and sun in center field.


The stadium is also home to a tribute to the Orange Bowl which occupied the site prior to the opening of the stadium in 2012 as well as a Bobblehead Museum. Even those who aren’t interested in baseball can find plenty to do in this stadium.