Shamed by My Phone

A couple of years ago, I lost 25 pounds by exercising, watching my diet and using the app Lose It! to monitor my progress. Well, a few of those pounds have moved back to my waistline so I’ve been making an effort to get back to using Lose It! to track my eating and exercise habits.

After going on an eleven mile bike ride in the heat of a late August day, I received this message from my Lose It! app:


Thanks for the encouragement! Two days later after another eleven mile bike ride and a three mile walk, I turn on my phone to see:


I really felt like I’d accomplished something after riding almost 25 miles…in the rain. That’s 666 calories burned, even at a slow pace of 9.1 mph.


So how did Lose It! help me celebrate? With this message:


Apparently walking, bike riding and lawn work is not something to celebrate. The message is loud and clear. EAT LESS FOOD!


Yes, I’ve eaten Cheetos, cookies, and nachos. I’ve even consumed a couple of glasses of Coke. The latest message from my phone:


I think my phone just called me a Fred. I’ll keep exercising, but I need to do a better job with my diet…and I’m sure Lose It! won’t let me forget!


Weigh-in Wednesday: January

I’ve been on my own for a month now after faithfully posting my weight loss progress weekly for a year. Since my weight has fluctuated up and then back down two pounds for a month, I decided I better start recording publicly to hold myself accountable.

I earned the 2014 Starting Off on the Right Foot Badge for logging in Lose It, but I haven’t logged consistently and too many excuses have interrupted exercise routines.

The last Wednesday of each month, I’ll be weighing-in and writing about my successes or failures for the month. January should have been much better, but at only a pound heavier than in 2013, I’m sure I’ll get back on track. Back to logging, back to regular exercise, and back to sharing.

After all, it’s nearly time to buy a bathing suit.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 49

IMG_1714I’m making a change to my morning routine now that we have ripe grapefruit again, and best of all, this is a homegrown grapefruit. I’ll be starting the day with one of my favorite foods every morning and according to Lose It, a grapefruit for breakfast will use about 100 calories of my daily calorie budget. This may be just the change needed to start shedding pounds again.

Another week with no change in weight. My body seems quite content with settling in on a maintain mode. I’ve got to convince it, to continue with weight loss. Four more pounds, then maintain.

I hope grapefruit’s the key.

Weigh-in Wednesay: Week 40

Well the maintain phase of my weight loss plan sure was short lived. I guess it’s my fault, but I think I’d prefer to blame John or the insurance company or someone.

You see several months ago, shortly after John started losing weight, I mentioned that if he could lose 25 pounds we could save money on his life insurance. The actuaries used by life insurance companies take the age and some basic health data to determine the premium on their policies. The insured’s weight is one factor used to determine the cost. Since he was already motivated to lose weight, I thought sharing this fact would help him develop a new weight loss goal.

Well, I was right; but John took the challenge even further. Once he reached the weight required for moving to a new insurance category, he decided he could lose more and therefore decrease the premium more as well. However, while he researched the data on the insurance company’s website he noticed that my weight is now only five pounds heavier than the next category so he suggested I lose 5 more pounds so we could save money on the premium to my policy as well.

I’m sure I can do it, but I was enjoying the more liberal calorie budget on the maintain phase of my weight lose plan. I’ve set a new goal on Lose It…five more pounds…and hopefully two new money saving life insurance premiums by the end of the year.

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 38

accomplishedIt took thirty-eight weeks, but I finally made it! With the Internet repaired, I could work at home again and that meant walking while working. The extra exercise made it possible for me to reach my second goal of the year.

When I met my original goal of losing sixteen pounds, I decided I could push myself a little more and set my sight on losing another ten pounds. Getting back to work and a regular schedule gave me the boost needed to reach the new weight.

It sure felt good when I signed on to Lose It the next day and realized that my calorie allowance had increased since I moved into the maintenance phase. I’m allowed an extra 400 calories a day under the new plan!

The new challenge…continue the habits that have gotten me this far. Log meals. Exercise. Skip soda and candy. I’ve got fourteen more weeks this year to make these eating and exercise habits a permanent part of my life.

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 27

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. Another week. No weight loss. No Lose It badges.

I long for another Lose It badge!
I long for another Lose It badge!

But I’ve had an attitude adjustment. The scale does not determine my success.

I’m wearing clothes in smaller sizes. Some that had been moved to the back of the closet are being worn again. I’ve also bought a few new things since suspenders aren’t in style.

The scale is not the enemy.  I’ll keep things in perspective. I’ll keep positive. I feel better already!

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 22

LoseItlogoI think I’ve finally learned the difference between a wish and a goal. For too many years my plan for losing weight has been, “I wish I weighed less.” No plan, just a wish. The result – I gained weight every year. Finally, after gaining a couple of pounds per year I had to come up with something better than “I wish”. This year I’ve had success because I set a goal and then developed a series of steps to make the goal a reality.

This week I managed to lose a half pound but I’ve been lazy on executing the plan. I’m back to recording food and exercise on Lose It. I don’t want to slack off on techniques that have proven successful. I need to weigh-in, record, and stop wishing if I’m going to make the next goal and keep off the weight I’ve lost so far!

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 18

loseit_badge_goal_achievedGoal Achieved! Best badge yet! It sure felt good to earn the Lose It! Goal Achieved badge recognizing the fact that I have met my weight loss goal (and lost two more pounds).

When I started, I anticipated earning this badge at the end of March, but it took an extra four weeks. Still before the first of May, I did it!

Just as exciting as the Goal Achieved badge was finding that a pair of jeans that have been hanging in my closet for over a year, too tight to wear, will never be worn again. I pulled them out and wore them on Saturday pleased that I no longer had to worry that I’d rip out the back seam. However, after a short time, I realized I wouldn’t be able to wear them again…too baggy! What good news!

I’m not satisfied with meeting my original goal so I’ve set a new one. Ten more pounds, hopefully by the end of July. Ready to earn more badges and give away some more pants!

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 16

Looks like I’ve head a brick wall. No weight loss. In fact, I gained a pound. Looks like I need to clean the dust off my secret weapon. Being away from home so much for the past three weeks, my walking routine has been severely disrupted. On workdays, I usually spend a minimum of an hour working while walking on my treadmill and many days I walk for more than two hours. Spring break…no work…no walking. The first week back…a short week due to a trip to South Florida. Last week…working in Orlando instead of at home…no treadmill.IMG_0411

I’m back on pace this week. Treadmill dusted. Computer set up. Walked and worked for an hour on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll kick it up a notch for the rest of the week. It’s time to get active.

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 14

LoseItlogoDespite a scale that led me to believe I lost four pounds last week, the lack of consistent exercise, and too many treats, I somehow managed to lose one pound during Spring Break. The most important lesson learned: there is no such thing as getting back to normal. Every week brings its own challenges and obstacles to eating right and exercising. Holidays and special occasions lead to calorie rich food choices. Dessert follows meals prepared for guests. Being away from home disrupts exercise schedules. I’m slowly learning that these are not excuses for making poor choices. Every week presents challenges to weight loss success. I’ll being working to stay motivated through all of these “not so normal” normal weeks. With only one pound to go to reach my original weight loss goal I plan to re-evaluate next week. I need to set new goals.