Big Bugs Everywhere

On January 15, the Big Bug Invasion took over Leu Gardens. An army of enormous ants meet visitors as they enter the gardens.


Created from natural materials, the creatures lurk around every corner.


Despite the fact the insects may stand over twenty feet tall, many remain hidden among the plants.


While others, like the lady bug remain in the open, ready for photo ops.


The 200 pound assassin bug was quite a specimen.


But I have an affinity for spiders and this one camouflaged among the bamboo may have been my favorite sculpture.


The Big Bug Invasion continues at Harry P. Leu Gardens in downtown Orlando until April 15 so there’s plenty of time to get acquainted with the garden’s newest inhabitants.

Ribbit the Exhibit

Our trip to Leu Gardens turned into a scavenger hunt as we wandered through the garden looking for the playful human-sized frog sculptures created by artist J.A. Cobb. Most of the twenty frogs are located in plain sight, but a few are a little more difficult to find in trees or water.

IMG_6117A ballerina, an artist, a musical trio, and a pair of dancers make up the artsy contingent.

Then there’s the hunter, fisherman, scuba diver, explorer, and butterfly enthusiast.

Several of the frogs work in the fields and garden.

And a few simply know how to relax.

Ribbit the Exhibit continues through March 31st at Leu Gardens and is included in the cost of admission. What a great bonus!

Click here to see a clip by WKMG Local 6 about J.A. Cobb and the exhibit.

Leu Gardens: A Place to Unwind

For years, we’ve said we wanted to visit Leu Gardens in Orlando, and last Saturday, we spent a couple of hours walking through the herb, butterfly, palm, bamboo, and camellia gardens. What a great way to unwind!

IMG_6064Located on Lake Rowena, the 50 acre garden displays the exotic plants collected by Harry P. and Mary Jane Leu from their travels throughout the world.

A two acre tropical stream garden and a 50 foot floral clock are two of the must see features at Leu Gardens.

IMG_6100In addition to the current Ribbit the Exhibit’s, display of human-sized frogs located in the garden, there are a variety of permanent displays of art including outdoor sculptures like “Girl on a Scooter” by Peter Oftinski and “Doves of Peace” by Bob Winship.

And as a cemetery lover, I found a bonus: the Mizell Cemetery.

There are lots of reasons for a return visit since the large variety of flowering plants provide a different experience each season of the year; but I think we’ll be back for Date Night in the Gardens, a time to spread out a blanket with a picnic dinner for an outdoor movie.

Glad we finally carved out time for this little piece of paradise in the City Beautiful.