Friday the 13th…a day to celebrate

Today’s my best friend’s birthday. I won’t reveal his age, but will say he’s older than me. Now that the cake is in the oven, it’s time recognize John with a Top 10 List.

So here it is, the Top 10 things I love about the birthday boy:

1) He loves the beach.

RSCN02952) He never complains about living in a house full of girls. (Although, he’s been known to put us all in our own rooms for acting up.)

IMG_43913) He cooks! Even when camping.



4) He took good care of his mother and continues to take good care of his family.

5) He’s a good sport, even when playing games that aren’t his favorite.


6) He’s a great fisherman who takes pleasure in helping others catch a big one.

7) He works hard not only at his job but at home as well.


8) He knows how to walk his daughter’s down the aisle.

9) He’s a sailor and a wannabe pirate.


10) He’s put up with me for almost forty years.

Happy happy!