Lunch at the Seafood Market

Before we could check into the house we rented on Ft. George Island for Family Weekend, we launched the boat and set out to find a restaurant on the water. Since the house was located just across the river from Mayport, we knew there were several restaurants located along the docks where the fishing boats returned with their daily catches. What we didn’t know was that there was a seafood market that also served the fresh fish to diners overlooking the docks.


According to Yelp, Safe Harbor Seafood Market was the place to go for good seafood, so with the help of Google Maps we located Safe Harbor and indeed, it was a true seafood market. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds of fish, crabs, shrimp and even squid filled the icy display cases.


We ordered at the counter, took our number to the table and in a matter of minutes, the server delivered some of the most delicious seafood I’ve ever tasted. Shrimp, grouper, fries, slaw, and amazing hush puppies…what a great way to start the weekend.


No boat? No problem. Safe Harbor Seafood Market can be accessed by car, just down from the St. John’s River Ferry on Ocean Street in Mayport. This is a must visit place the next time you’re in Jacksonville.


A Rabbit Burger?

When Sarah suggested we eat lunch at The Blind Rabbit I was a little skeptical. The sign says “A burger and whiskey bar”. Does that mean they serve rabbit burgers?

She assured me she’d eaten there before and that I’d like the food so I agreed to give it a try. And she was right, despite the name on the sign, rabbit burgers were not on the menu.

IMG_7753Instead both John and I ordered cheeseburgers. Burgers and other sandwiches are served with a sauce and a root or side. A root? Their unique name for potatoes or onions. I choose the Tobacco Onions and John ordered the Hand Cut Chips, and we both choose the same sauce, Creole Mayo.

Sarah ordered The Southern Cuban Sandwich. So what makes a Cuban sandwich southern? A fried green tomato with bourbon spiked Creole mustard. And instead of a root, she ordered a side – Mac ‘n Cheese.

Other interesting choices: Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Goat Cheese Grits, and Red Beans and Rice. They even serve milkshakes spiked with Caramel Moonshine or Buffalo Bourbon. No one tried these, and I can’t even imagine a spiked milkshake.

The Blind Rabbit was a good choice and I’m sure we’ll return.

The best thing about going to Jacksonville…visiting Sarah and Daniel; but the restaurants are a close second.