Spring Break with Siri

siriIn October I finally replaced my well-loved Blackberry with an iPhone4s…not an easy decision. I reluctantly gave up a keyboard for a touchscreen, the feature I most feared. Fortunately, it hasn’t been as traumatic as I expected and in fact, I’ve particularly enjoyed having a quality camera available everywhere I take my phone.

After nearly five months, I think it’s time for me to get to know Siri, the most hyped feature of the phone. The Verizon representative spent a great deal of time demonstrating the wonders of Siri, but my interests were in making calls, texting, emailing, and searching the web. All the talk about Siri and the marvelous apps fell on deaf ears.

That's what I want to know!
That’s what I want to know!

Now that I’m hooked on the camera and several apps, it’s time to give Siri a whirl. I plan to spend Spring Break with Siri. I intend to learn how Siri can assist me in doing the basics like making calls, sending texts and emails, and searching for information on the web, but I also have my eye on some of the features like tracking weather, setting reminders, getting directions, and checking sports scores. I’ll start on the Apple website, but with just under 1.5 million YouTube videos on Siri, I don’t think there’s any shortage of information on the topic.

Look for me relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors with Siri this Spring Break.