Please…no tablet cameras!

When I see people using their iPads or other tablets as a camera in public I’m so embarrassed for them. In fact, tablet manufacturers should stop including cameras on these devices to avoid this type of public humiliation.

How embarrassing!
How embarrassing!

I can understand that these cameras may be needed in a pinch when a phone or digital camera has a dead battery or isn’t working, but even then it’s best to use the tablet camera at home to document a birthday or whopper fish, not at a concert, game or other public event. It’s not only embarrassing but ┬áirritating to sit behind someone holding a tablet above their head blocking the view of all behind them with a 9″x7″ camera.

If you use a ladder, you need a real camera. To protect the identity of the tablet photographer, I did not include a picture of his tablet faux pas.

I witnessed one of the most embarrassing examples of using an iPad camera last weekend at the Chalk Festival in Venice. A man in his 20s, carried a step ladder around the festival and took photos from an elevated position like the serious photographers with expensive equipment. Did he really think his tablet pictures required that type of set up?

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and please…don’t use a tablet phone (at least not in public).