Weigh-In Wednesday – Week 1

Like many Americans my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 – lose weight. I’ve never gained much weight in any one year, but even a couple of pounds a year add up. Instead of any grand plan to join a health club, or to make severe changes in my diet, or to lose weight quickly, I’m approaching weight loss as a yearlong process.

I plan to take baby steps. Each week I’ll make one small change – one change per week on which to focus. This seems so logical. I just hope logic is the way to weight loss.

The plan for week one is simple. Stop holiday eating. No daily consumption of cookies, fudge, cake, or other sweets. No holiday parties with endless spreads of food. Step one: Get back to a regular eating plan. This goal should be easy to meet since I’m back at work and back on a normal schedule.

I remember my doctor asking how I gained six pounds in one month when I went for my regularly scheduled January obstetric appointment when I was pregnant with Meghan. My answer – fudge. He laughed, told me I couldn’t continue to gain six pounds a month throughout the pregnancy, and then admitted he’d gained five pounds. Well, this only happened once – the result of holiday eating. The good news – I didn’t gain six pounds this holiday, but I did gain two. It’s time to stop the holiday eating and start making progress toward my weight loss goal.