Hammock House

Since we need to be in close proximity to the wedding venue where Emily and Brian will be getting married in Apopka, we decided it would be a good idea to rent a house in the vicinity.

This turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected, because while there are an abundance of houses for rent in Orange and Seminole counties, most are too far south, catering to the Disney tourists.

I found several small houses, but we hoped to find something large enough to host the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.

I’ve returned to the listings on VRBO and Dwellalble, two vacation home sites on numerous occasions over the past four months. As luck would have it, I checked VRBO the weekend Hammock House first appeared. Hammock House looked perfect to meet our needs…a three bedroom, three bath house in Sorrento about 20 minutes from Apopka. A house large enough to easily handle a group of twenty of more for the rehearsal dinner, and best of all, it’s located on ten acres on the Wekiva¬† River within the Rock Springs Reserve Run, a Florida State Park.hammockhouse5

I called and booked it immediately!

We drove to Hammock House to get a look for ourselves and to plan how to best use the location to meet our needs during the wedding weekend. A stone fireplace in the living room should be perfect for an evening in November. A room with a pool table will entertain guests. A wrap around deck provides plenty of seating, and there are even two canoes if we have a little time after the wedding on Sunday.

It feels good to have a home away from home to take care of all the wedding details during the weekend of the wedding, and if all goes well, Hammock House looks like a place we’d enjoy for a relaxing getaway in the future.hammockhouse4