Postagram – my new favorite app!

Sanibel sunset - first Postagram picture.
Sanibel sunset – first Postagram picture.

I recently read a list of “must have” apps. I’m not sure where I found this list, but I wrote the names of those that were free and decided to check them out. Postagram promised users the ability to make their own postcards that could be mailed to recipients…using real old-fashioned snail mail. Since I’m a sucker for postcards I decided this one I had to try.

Here’s how it works: Open the Postagram app. Select a picture from your phone. You can even move and scale the picture if needed. Next, you write your message, which can be up to 170 characters in length. Then, add the name and address of the recipient. Finally, you will be asked for your credit card information so that you can pay the $.99 charge for printing and mailing the postcard. (However, the first five cards can be sent for free.)

While in Sanibel Island I created my first postcard using Postagram. I wrote a quick note and attached it to the picture of the sunset I took earlier in the evening. The next week the postcard arrived as promised!

Best of all, the picture is perforated so that it can easily be removed and saved. The message is even printed on the back of the picture preserving the message as well.

No more searching the racks for postcards, hunting for a pen in the car, looking for a post office to buy postcard stamps, and then ending up with a bag of unwritten postcards when I return from vacation! Instead, I’ll create and send my own custom cards. I’m just not sure if this is something I should share with John. You know how he is with his pictures!