Remembering Marlin

In October 1997 the Florida Marlins set a record by reaching the World Series in only their fifth season. The underdog Marlins defeated the Cleveland Indians in seven games in the first World Series ever held in the state of Florida.

The same week the Marlins upset the Indians, a golden retriever puppy joined our family. This adorable fur ball came to live with us unexpectantly. The girls picked out the female, runt of the litter for their granny, but when Granny decided a puppy would be too much to handle, it was too late…the girls had fallen in love with the underdog of the litter and so she joined our family.

Naming pets is not our strong suit. The dog adopted from the pound on the first Saturday in May was named K.D. since she joined us on the day of the Kentucky Derby. The black lab puppy we named manatee because its face resembled that of a sea cow. So what to name a golden retriever puppy? Marlin, of course! Named for the underdog Florida Marlin’s world championship baseball team that we cheered on throughout the month of October.IMG_0392

Watching the World Series brings back memories of our years with Marlin…a real champ!