Thanks, John! Writer’s Block Solved!

As I sat on the porch trying to write something to post today, John came to my rescue. After only about 30 minutes of fishing, he returned to the house and called me to meet him downstairs. I noticed that he was holding his hands in front of him so I wasn’t sure what to expect. A fishing lure dangling from his right thumb greeted me when I stepped outside.


He preceded to tell me that he needed me to wrap a piece of fishing line around the hook and then quickly yank on it to dislodge the hook. Me…the one who passes out when someone merely mentions they know someone who was hooked…the one who lies on the floor of the kitchen when her daughter splits open her forehead so she doesn’t pass out…the one who breaks into a cold sweat at the mention of blood. I’m proud to say I did not pass out. I did not run to the bathroom. I did not lie down. I also did not pull out the hook.

Sure, loop fishing line around the hook and jerk it out!
Sure, loop fishing line around the hook and jerk it out!

After several attempts to get the line at the right angle, John decided that it would be wise to first remove the lure from the hook embedded in his thumb. This would reduce the possibility of a being hooked a second time while in the process of removing the hook. My job…take the pocketknife and open the ring on the lure so it could be removed from the portion lodged in John’s thumb. Surprise…success! Now we were back to the looping line around the hook.

At this point I started looking up addresses to the nearest walk in clinic so someone else could remove the hook. John Googled “how to remove a fish hook from your finger” and the number one method was indeed wrapping a piece of line around the hook and then firmly jerking to remove it. With renewed confidence, John took the matter into his own hands (or should I say hand) looping the line, pulling tight, and then rapidly jerking to remove the hook…no problem!

My only responsibility: open the band-aid and apply to his thumb.

John put the lure back together so he could go back out in the boat. His plan: catch fish and eat them for dinner as a payback for the injury to his thumb.

What a great husband! Willing to shed a little blood to unlock my writer’s block!