UPS…Open the Gate

Living on a county road instead of on a neighborhood street has been a real challenge when placing online orders. Instead of having a mailbox on a busy highway nearly 200 yards from our front door, we decided to receive our mail in a post office box in Ocklawaha.

But this is a problem when buying an item online since I never know how the package will be delivered. If it comes USPS, they need our post office box. However, UPS and FedEx only deliver to the physical address.


I’ve had packages returned to the sender because I’ve included a PO Box as a shipping address for an item delivered by UPS or FedEx or included our physical address only to find out the package was shipped by USPS…a frustrating mess when I have to track down a missing order.

However, by far the most disturbing deliveries are those delivered by UPS. Why would they think it’s a good idea to drop a package over the fence to sit out in the weather while also tempting anyone who sits at the stop light? What an easy target! Just quickly grab the boxes perched a few yards off the highway.


UPS could learn a thing or two from the FedEx. Open the gate. Drive down the driveway to the house. Deliver the package by the door nestled under the awning to protect it from the weather.

In the meantime, if anyone knows how I can have more control over how packages are delivered, please let me know. I’m getting tired of tracking down missing packages…and what good is two day delivery if the order has to be resent?