A Wedding in an Airplane Hangar?

Yes, Emily and Brian’s wedding took place at the Apopka Airport in and around a hangar. A common question I’ve heard for the past year, how do you have a wedding in an airplane hangar? Well, the detail pictures are in (thanks to Mike and Ann Studios) so everyone can see how Emily’s vision transformed the hangar into a beautiful venue for a wedding.wpid16863-waters-details_Orlando_Wedding_Photographer_WB23The other question: why an airplane hangar? Is she marrying a pilot? No. Do they skydive? No. What connection do they have to an airport? The only connection to an airplane…Brian proposed on a flight to New York.

So why at an airplane hangar? Food trucks. Since Emily and Brian wanted the reception catered by food trucks, one of the few places willing to accommodate this request was the Apopka Airport. And of course, a hangar provided a space Emily could make their own.wpid16853-waters-details_Orlando_Wedding_Photographer_WB18The ceremony on one side of the hangar and the food trucks on the other made for a unique setting for a unique couple.wpid16855-waters-details_Orlando_Wedding_Photographer_WB19But to really see the details of the airplane hangar venue, you must check out the blog of Mike and Ann Studios. They’ve posted pictures and written about the details created to make an airplane hangar a perfect place for a wedding.wpid16867-waters-details_Orlando_Wedding_Photographer_WB25And when looking at the pictures on Mike and Ann’s site, don’t forget to check out those terrific tassels! Did I mention I made them?



What’s a Mother To Do: Share Wedding Pictures

From January through November 2013, I shared wedding planning progress for Emily and Brian’s wedding. On January 12, 2013, I started by writing about completing the first two tasks of the planning process: securing an officiant and photographer. In both cases, Emily and Brian asked friends to take on these responsibilities. Rev. David McEntire agreed to perform the ceremony and guided the bride and groom as they planned the service and photographer friends Mike and Ann consented to documenting the day.


Now one year from that original post and two months after “the best day ever”, it’s time to share wedding pictures. Mike and Ann Studios wrote about Emily and Brian’s wedding on their blog this week and posted not only pictures but also a slide show documenting the day. Best of all, they tell their story so that I don’t have to look like a bragging momma…thank you! Click here to enjoy the pictures of their special day.