Don’t be an Idiot or Maniac

I recently read an article that described two types of drivers: Idiots and Maniacs.


It described those who drive slower than you as Idiots. Anyone who slows you down falls in this category. That might be student drivers, older drivers, texters or someone driving a vehicle experiencing mechanical difficulties.

On the other hand Maniac is the term given to drivers who speed along the highway often times weaving in and out of traffic or riding your tail, flashing their lights, honking and probably calling you an Idiot.

When you’re driving, especially on the Interstate, take a deep breath, avoid the urge to retaliate against either the Idiots or Maniacs and certainly don’t emulate their bad behavior.

  • No texting.
  • No speeding.
  • No tailgating.
  • No yelling at drivers.
  • No weaving in and out of traffic.
  • No road rage.

Be safe. Don’t be an Idiot or a Maniac.



Avoid Distractions

This weekend as I rode my bike  through the streets of Miami Beach I was grateful for all the drivers who made driving their number one priority. Road construction, rain, traffic, detours and of course the unusual sights that make Miami Beach famous provide plenty of distractions, not to mention those that drivers initiate in their cars with passengers, the radio, cell phones, eating and even their GPS.

Driving’s a lot more complicated today than forty years ago when I learned to drive. The only distractions I dealt with was messing with the radio or talking to passengers. Now we eat, talk on the phone and manage a host of technology that is supposed to make driving easier, but I’m not sure that’s always the case. In this age of multi-tasking, it’s difficult to concentrate on a single task, even one as important as driving a car.

For the sake of all the motorcyclists, bike riders, pedestrians as well as the other drivers on the road and your own safety, please avoid these distractions.

I can’t tell you how thankful I was to be fully alert last week driving on the Florida Turnpike when I encountered a ten foot ladder fully open in the middle of the lane in which I was traveling. No drink in hand. Not on the phone. Both hands on the wheel instead of on the radio. Just driving. Able to assess the situation, slow down then move gradually to another lane and avoid hitting an object that could have caused an accident or at the very least damaged to my car.

Message from NMSU

And whatever you do…don’t text, tweet or check Facebook while you drive! Be a safe driver and avoid distractions.