Carry Cash

I know I’m old and I guess that means I’m also old-fashioned, but I don’t understand leaving home without any cash.
I’ve reluctantly slid into the 21st century by using a debit card to buy groceries, an occasional meal out or to make a purchase at a big box store, but just when I was getting comfortable with debit card purchases, the Target security scandal hit me making me reconsider the use of a debit card for anything other than making my weekly withdrawals of cash from the bank.
It’s unrealistic to expect you to follow these same practices, but is it really too much to askĀ  you to carry a few dollars?
Without cash, how do you pay the entrance fee at a county or state park with a self serve pay station? The fee of $2-$5 must be paid in cash…with exact change.

How do you buy firewood at the campground?
How do you buy drinks or candy or snacks from vending machines?

How do you make a bargain purchase at a garage sale?

How do you determine who kicks off at the beginning of a football game?
How do you pay for parking at a parking meter in a small town?
How do you buy food at a street festival?

How do you buy cotton candy at the Macy’s Day Parade?

How do you make a bet at the track?

How do you buy items from the concession stand? When I need a milk shake at a baseball game, I know I better have $6 in cash – no cards accepted!

How will you pay to listen to tunes on a juke box?


How do you donate to the Salvation Army kettles at Christmas? (I guess not carrying cash may be a good excuse in this case. How many times should you be expected to donate from Thanksgiving to Christmas?)
I know each of you have been in situations where you’ve had to depend on someone else because you wanted to make a purchase when only cash was accepted. Don’t leave home without some cash. Keep a few ones and some change in your car for park admission or parking meters. Carry $20 in your wallet…just in case.
The use cash budgeting plan is still my preference, but if that’s not your style, at least don’t be 100% dependent on cards. Please carry some cash!