Dear Target Guest,

If you received an email addressed to “Dear Target Guest”, it’s official…you’re one of the millions whose credit or debit card information was stolen this past November or December, and that’s the message that greeted me yesterday afternoon.

In the email, Target confirms that not only credit or debit card information was taken but name, address, phone number, and email address. Wonderful!

The email apologizes for the inconvenience, offers tips to protect financial information (although it didn’t suggest I stop shopping at Target), and provides a link to activate free credit monitoring and identify theft insurance for one year.

My initial reaction…thanks, but that should be required, not just an attempt to appease angry customers.

However, after clicking the link, I wondered if maybe this is a scam. Remember, the message says by name and email address was stolen. Is this email from Target or from those who stole my information?

I later saw a report in the news providing the same information in the email so it looks legit, but I can’t help to be suspicious.

Thanks, Target.