Fritas, Cuban Sandwiches, and Luis Galindo

I love Cuban food! Trips to Ybor City, Tampa, or St. Augustine wouldn’t be complete without a meal at the Columbia. In Miami, it’s Versailles, the “World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant”, for dinner. Dishes like Roast Pork “A la Cubana”, Boliche “Criollo”, or Paella as well as black beans, rice, yuca and platanos…that’s my idea of a perfect Cuban meal.

I’ve recently come to the realization that while I enjoy Cuban dinners, I’m not a fan of Cuban sandwiches. That’s hard to believe, but on recent trips in Miami, I’ve left one of the best local eateries disappointed, but it’s just me! Those who accompany me rave about the food. Best Cuban sandwich, ever! Love the fritas!


So what’s my problem? The first trip to Luis Galindo I ordered a traditional Cuban sandwich…ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles on incredible Cuban bread; but I ordered with no mustard and you would have thought the world was coming to an end. No mustard? The waitress was sure she misunderstood since she spoke only broken English, but I finally convinced her I didn’t want mustard. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand the taste of mustard and apparently that ruins the entire sandwich.

John loved it. Best Cuban sandwich ever. I thought it was alright, but I could do with less cheese and pork and ham together seem to be a bit of an overkill.

A few months later on a return trip to Miami, John insisted we take our daughter to Luis Galindo’s Latin American Restaurant so she could experience this Cuban treat. I decided to try another of their famous sandwiches, a Fritas, or Cuban hamburger.


I’d recently seen a show on the Food Network looking for the best Fritas and decided this may be the sandwich for me. Made with a mix of ground beef and Chorizo and seasoned with paprika and ketchup or tomato paste, and then topped with julienne cut potatoes and diced onion and served on a Cuban roll, the Fritas at Luis Galino’s ranks as one of the best, if not the best in Miami. But unfortunately, it’s not for me. I didn’t care for the combination of meats and ketchup, but again, when others tried my sandwich, they gave it glowing reviews as did others on a restaurant review site:

“This tastes a lot like the first frita I ever had in Hialeah because they use chorizo and beef, which is probably why whenever I have a meeting I have to hold, I somehow end up at this place.

This is definitely the beefiest frita I’ve seen; it’s clearly the heavyweight of the Miami fritas. It’s actually a larger patty than you’ll usually see on these.

Clearly, it’s just me! Luis Galindo Latin American took home the prize for Best Medianoches for its Classic Cuban Sandwich 2014 Food Network South Beach Food and Wine Festival and click here to see how Food Blogger describes Luis Galindo.


John’s worried that he’ll never be able to eat here again since I’ve decided that Cuban sandwiches aren’t my cup of tea, but I think I can solve that problem. I’m going to skip the sandwiches and look for some chicken with black beans, rice, and a nice loaf of Cuban bread. I think we can both be happy eating at Luis Galindo.




54 Ways to Celebrate Florida!

On this date, March 3rd, in 1845, Florida entered the union as the 27th state. That sounds like reason for celebration. Make March celebrate Florida month. Can you complete ten of these Florida friendly tasks this month?

Visit a Florida State Park

Go to the beach

Wear sunblock

Eat key lime pie

Listen to the music of Floridians like Lynard Skynard, Mel Tillis, Tom Petty, Ray Charles, or Gloria Estefan.

Read a Carl Haisaan book

Eat a Cheeseburger in Paradise

Go fishing

Place a bet on the “ponies” at the Florida Derby at Gulfstream.

Wear flip flops

Travel by boat

Visit the “Ancient City” of St. Augustine

Swim with the manatee



Drink a glass of orange juice

Eat shrimp

Visit a Florida spring

Ride a bike trail

Paddle a canoe or kayak


Register to vote (or update your registration)

Visit a tacky tourist trap


Eat a Cuban sandwich

Sip a frozen tropical drink


Take a hike


Visit a botanical garden

Tour a fort

Take an airboat ride

Drink from the Fountain of Youth

Play golf

Watch a Major League Baseball Grapefruit League spring training game

Enjoy to a festival

Go to Ron Jon

Explore the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

Drive on Daytona Beach

Eat gator

Smoke a cigar from Ybor City

Collect seashells

Climb a lighthouse

Ride a glass bottom boat


Experience bike week in Daytona

Eat sugarcane

Sleep in a chickee

Collect sharks teeth

Treasure hunt

Drive the overseas highway

Ferry to the Dry Tortugas

Sing the state song while on the Swanee River


Get LOST on the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Drive Spook Hill

Whale watch from Gamble Rogers State Park

Crack a coconut

Leave a comment and let me know what I forgot, but don’t forget to celebrate Florida! And don’t forget to take pictures!










It’s Mojo Time

I’ve always enjoyed the food at The Mojo Grill, but the restaurant was small, crowded, and loud so we ate there rarely. Now that they moved to their new location, The Mojo Grill may be my favorite place to eat.

Not only do they serve delicious food, they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Now dinner out turns into an event. Trivia nights, food and drink specials…every night’s planned for fun for those who want more than good food.

The one problem I’ve encountered at The Mojo Grill…deciding what to order. Fish tacos are my favorite, but Cuban sandwiches, burgers, wings, and pulled pork all compete for my attention.

And who can forget their wonderful nachos…but that brings another tough decision…chili or pulled pork?IMG_0944

Maybe the best solution to this problem is to visit The Mojo Grill more often!