Is this progress?

laundry podThe Container Store floods my email account with messages about the latest and greatest items to organize. I usually unsubscribe to this type of email but since The Container Store is one of my favorite retailers I tolerate this nonsense. They send a never ending list of organization tips for the kitchen, office, pantry, closet, and even your car. Recently, it’s been packing tips, luggage, and a variety of organizers to best utilize the space in your bags.

But I’m completely baffled by the email on the Laundry POD. My first impression…what a cool device, but then I asked myself why would anyone need a laundry POD? According to the message, it’s perfect for small loads, hand washables, and it saves water. Maybe, but is this really progress? What’s next? A couple of brightly colored man-made rock type items that can be used for scrubbing clothes? What would our grandmothers’ or great-grandmothers’ think?

Watch the video and leave a comment. I’m interested in your thoughts.