A Triathlon on Miami Time

The first time I attended church in Miami the service started about ten minutes late. The pastor walked around the sanctuary letting those of us who were visitors know that things would be started soon, but they operated on Miami time.


Well, last week we completed our own version of a triathlon, and we were certainly competing on Miami time. First, this was not a competition. No registration fee or course to follow. We simply chose a water event, biking event and an event on foot in which to participate making it a nearly perfect day.


The very hot morning started on Biscayne Bay where we rented a Hobie Getaway and sailed for two hours in the waters where John first introduced me to sailing. We raced from the causeway past Vizcaya entertained by the brightly colored parachute pulling parasailing tourists across the bay and the fire department helicopter practicing rescues in the waters near the Seaquarium.

We left the water ready for the bike leg, but instead of jumping in the saddle in dripping wet bathing suits, we changed clothes and drove down Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne and mounted the bikes at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.


We rode through the park along the bay toward the Cape Florida lighthouse photographing iguanas scurrying across the trail or posing on the rocks.


Instead of eating a meal designed for athletes, we stuffed ourselves with barbecue sandwiches, fries, slaw and tea…the diet of the laid back triathlete.


The third leg of the day took place in Coconut Grove after sunset. A relaxing stroll from our hotel to Cocowalk and vicinity eyeing lights, fountains, painted peacocks and walls entangled in banyan roots. Even though the pace was leisurely, we did cover a little more than two miles making it a worthwhile final triathlon leg.

I’m sure those who train for these events would be appalled, but looking for opportunities to spend time on the water, bike, and by foot to enjoy the outdoors is always a treat and challenge.


A Green Street Lunch

For years I’ve found the upholstered loveseats surrounding the bar that opens on Commodore Place in Coconut Grove intriguing. People enjoying the south Florida weather eating and drinking street side around the large covered bar or dining under cover of umbrella clad tables gives the Green Street Cafe an inviting atmosphere.

Finally, after a bike ride on the Commodore Trail we stopped in Green Street on a Saturday for lunch. We started with a drink while sitting in one of those loveseats I’ve been eyeing every time I pass that corner and after a short wait we were seated inside since the wait for an outside table was estimated at an hour.

While initially disappointed to be inside, the brick walls, ornate furnishings, and book filled shelves provided a wonderful surprise.

Apparently this is the place to go for a weekend brunch, but since we’d already eaten breakfast, we stuck with the lunch menu and ordered a smoked turkey panini and a fish wrap to split. Both were delicious, but brunch it is on our next visit.