2 Down; 14 To Go

In January, we checked off the first item in our list 16 in 16 when we attended a Jackson Browne concert. On Monday, February 22nd, we finally found the perfect day for another of the planned events for 2016 when we spent the day in St. Petersburg for a Daycation.

We waited for a warm and sunny February day because our plan was to bike ride the city trails and visit several of the museums. We started the ride on the trail behind the Morean Center for Clay, one of the museums on our list and rode in to the city. I was somewhat reluctant to ride downtown because I “don’t do traffic”. Fortunately, a concrete barrier divided the trail in the city from the traffic. We even had stop lights to make for a smooth flow downtown.

Traveling past Tropicana Field, through downtown, to the bay and then before the end of the day toward Treasure Island until we reached an end of the trail due to construction, our 17 miles on the bike met our goal for the active part of the day.


Parking at the Historic Seaboard Train Station, our first stop was a tour of the Morean Arts Center for Clay.


Here we were surprised to find the center closed on Mondays, but when a staff member realized we’d driven two hours, she permitted us to walk through the facility where artists were working in the shared spaces. Actually, we enjoyed looking at the art outside as much as the displays inside the center.


From the train station we rode our bike downtown to see the Chihuly Collection at another of the Morean Arts Centers located on the city’s waterfront. A 20 foot sculpture located outside the center ushers guests into the building that was specifically designed to display the glasswork. The price of admission includes a docent led tour, but we decided to enjoy on our own instead of traveling from room to room with a crowd.


Next, we stopped for lunch at Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro with margaritas overlooking the water.


We purchased a bundled ticket which included a visit to the Morean Galleries as well as to the Glass Studio and Hot Shop with our ticket to the Chihuly Collection. Unfortunately, the Morean Galleries were in the midst of changing out the exhibit so we saw more cardboard boxes than art. Next time we’ll know to call ahead since this information is not provided on their website.


But while the galleries were a disappointment, the highlight of the trip was the time spent in the Glass Studio and Hot Shop where we sat in bleachers watching David Sturgeon create a piece of glass art with the assistance of the narrator, Jeremiah. For fifty minutes, the glass was shaped, colored, twirled, heated, cooled, heated, cooled, and heated and cooled some more until the piece was completed.


A successful daycation of bicycling and art. Not the first of the year and certainly not the last.

Costs: $106

  • Gas $16 (about 8 gallons at $2/gallon
  • Tickets for Chihuly Collection, Glass Studio and Hot Shop $40 (tickets for two)
  • Lunch $50 (2 margaritas accounted for half this cost)


Another Look at Chihuly

In anticipation of our upcoming visit to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to stroll through the park and enjoy Tropical Chihuly Nights, I’ve been enjoying the photos taken during our last trip in November.

So many unusual pieces.

IMG_9436Curls of glass reaching to the sky.

IMG_9435Beautiful pieces in yellows, greens and reds.

IMG_9434What about this strange sculpture of rock-like glass?

IMG_9432So many opportunities for taking photos.

IMG_9438Wonderful colors and shapes around every turn.

IMG_9437Can’t wait to see all of the Chihuly glass under the South Florida sky.

IMG_9433Want to see Chihuly in blue? Click here.

Chihuly Blues

I just can’t get enough of the Chihuly glass displayed throughout Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.

So many beautiful blue pieces on exhibit.

On land and water.

Graceful tubes and sharply pointed spikes.

IMG_6587.JPGAdding an exclamation point to the natural features of the garden.

A perfect backdrop for another selfie!


13 Down; 1 To Go


I’m sure some people would say we cheated, but our list of 14 things to do in 2014 is our list; so if we want to change one of the original goals, we can. And that’s just what we did.


On January 1st of this year when we sat down to prepare the list, we both included go to a Christmas boat parade as one thing we wanted to do this year, and up until about a month ago we fully planned to go to the boat parade in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, or Jacksonville. But then we learned that a new Dale Chihuly exhibit would be opening this month at Fairchild Tropical Garden.


If we had that information on January 1st, our list would have been different. So instead of a boat parade, we attended the art in the garden kick-off. There’s just not enough time to get away another weekend this month for a boat parade so it will have to wait until 2015, but a weekend in Miami for art, shopping, bicycling, and eating at favorite restaurants completed the 13th adventure of the year.

And this Saturday, we’ll watch the annual Lake Weir boat parade so technically, we can check off the boat parade and enjoy the Art in Fairchild.