Check your order

Maybe this isn’t a problem for everyone, but I frequently pull away from the drive through with a bag of food that is different than what I ordered. Missing fries, burgers with condiments I specifically asked be left off, or the wrong drink…all irritating since going through a drive through usually means I’m in a hurry.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe they recognize my voice and decide it’ll be fun to add cheese to my burger or they assume I really do want sweet tea. After all, what fun it unsweetened tea? And, yes, my order is correct on the screen…just not in the bag.

And while the picture above is from McDonald’s, they were just the most recent culprit. McDonald’s, Burger King, Krystal, Zaxby’s. They all get it wrong. Even Longhorn take out bags need to be carefully checked since it’s discouraging to get home to find an incomplete order.

I know these places hate to see me coming because now when handed my bag and drink, I unwrap the straw and take a sip of the drink and then check the bag, unwrapping all food to insure I don’t arrive home disappointed.

Do yourself a favor, check your order.



Or maybe the best plan is eat less food from a drive through.