Biking Acadia

The Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park draw cyclists from all over the world to these protected paths to ride crisscrossing

the park. These crushed rock roads built in the early 1900s wind their way through the interior of the park and are used by horses and pedestrians as well as bicyclists.

imageOf course, cyclists can also fight the traffic on the perimeter road, but we happened to be in Acadia on a day the road is closed to vehicles. Each year, two days are set aside to let cyclists enjoy the 27 miles of traffic free biking.

Since I “don’t do hills”, we didn’t take advantage of riding the loop road and instead walked portions while others much older put my bike riding skills to shame.


I forgot to take the advice on a park website to ask a ranger to suggest an appropriate carriage road to ride and ended up on a very difficult 12 mile ride which I’m certain was 100% uphill. The next day’s ride around Eagle Lake was not as difficult but still proved to be challenging enough to give me a good workout in the midst of a beautiful setting.


I’m finally beginning to learn that a trail described as “flat” means something completely different when outside the state of Florida. I’m also learning I have a lot of work to do if I plan to ride out of state.