Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 44

jeansIt’s been a pretty tough week to find time for exercise and cooking. With Emily’s wedding less than two weeks away, there seem to be little tasks to be taken care of daily so that most nights conclude at a restaurant without much thought to the number of calories being consumed.

It’s easy to see how I gained so much weight over the years…too many meals with too little thought!

Despite my poor habits, I managed to gain no weight…something to celebrate!

In between other errands, I bought two pair of jeans this week. This usually isn’t a cause for celebration. I find buying jeans almost as discouraging as buying a bathing suit; but not this time. It felt good to find more than one pair that fit, and who would have thought I would buy a pair called “skinny jeans”?

Obviously, the definition of skinny has changed from the 1960s when the model Twiggy was associated with the word skinny; but nevertheless, I experienced success as I start purchasing clothes in smaller sizes. Even for someone who hates to shop, this made for a positive week.